About Us

Fully committed to your recycling needs

RPI was established in 1994 by Mr. Peter Chesham, owner and founder of the company. In May of 1994 the company was granted permission by the Engineering and Environmental Division of the Ministry of Health to operate collecting Non-Ferrous Metals and the subsequent shipment of these metals overseas for recycling.

Waste Management

Since then, RPI has removed several thousand tonnes of scrap metal from these shores and has contributed over millions of dollars to the foreign reserves of Barbados. The other obvious benefit here is being the elimination of waste from our environment.

The importance of this kind of recycling cannot be emphasized especially in Barbados. Barbados is mainly made of limestone which is a porous rock. It naturally filters our rain water to give us a very high quality of natural drinking water.

However when rain passes over metals left in the environment it brings to the limestone chemicals that damage it and hence reduce the filtration power. This in turn leads to a higher chance of contaminating our main water supply. The environmental service RPI provides cannot be over highlighted in this country.

This seems to be an almost magical transformation of toxic materials that would otherwise clog unsightly landfills which are built on valuable land, thus our motto SAVING LANDFILLS, EARNING FOREIGN EXCHANGE. We take non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper, aluminum and stainless steel and pay you for it. We encourage you to do your best in recycling unwanted materials and keeping the environment green and clean. So play your part to protect and make Barbados Green and to keep it the beautiful island that we see today for future generations to enjoy. For more information kindly browse our website. We look forward to working with you!